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Mod Note: I always view Vintage Ads via my friends' page. When I tally votes I go to the actual Vintage Ads' LJ page, obviously, for ease of going through posts. I saw ads on the Vintage Ads LJ page that never had showed up on my friends' page. Quite a few of the pet food ads, and some contest entries. Has anyone else noticed this? I've never heard of a LJ messing with our friends' page, a la facebook, in deciding WHAT we see.

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28 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Mardi Gras Show us your.... Let's celebrate Mardi Gras!! Any kind of ad that depicts/evokes Mardi Gras!


3-5 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Black & White Ads and Bread. Ads that are Black & White AND ads for bread

[Musicals] Can Heironymus Merkin... (1969)

Poster for Anthony Newley’s infamous 1969 X-rated musical Can Heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness?:

can heironymus merkin ever forget (1969)

Supposedly, Joan Collins (who was in the film, and married to Newley at the time) didn’t actually know what the film was about until after it was already made. It seems to have been a factor in the couple’s subsequent divorce.

And yes, I have the soundtrack album (which a woman was giving away!).