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This week's upcoming events...

As always, I'll post a reminder the day before the event/s

26 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Pornstaches. Pornstaches in ads

28-30 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Clowns and Hideous Jello. Let's get good and scared for Halloween eh? Ads with clowns AND Hideous scary jello.


Now, I'm not particularly into sports; but I grew up watching the Cubs on WGN, most times to listen to Harry Carrey go off topic or trying to say player's names backwards. Somewhere he's shouting "CUBS WIN!!! CUBS WIN!!! HOLY COW!!!!" Of course they'll probably blow it in the world series, I sure hope not though. If they win the series, I'll be a party of one yelling out my window and honking my car horn, as apparently that's what Cleveland fans do.

Vintage Ads' 12th Birthday!!

So we're officially a tween. Well I guess we have been, even at 11. But why rush it? I guess we'll be allowed to start wearing some make up now, if we wish. Though wait, in today's world kids in grade school do that. Why rush it? Perhaps that's one of the reasons why vintage ads are so interesting or why we're drawn to them? Nostalgia. Back when the world was much much different. In some ways good, in other ways bad, as can be evidenced by the vintage ads themselves.

Little kids playing outside in their neighborhood, or off on an adventure, with none of the fears kids face today. The depictions of the cozy warm home life where everything was perfect. Like an ad would portray the realities in relationships? Of course not. Unless it involved the problem being that the woman needed to douche with Lysol. A minor hiccup or worry? Drink this pop, eat this chip, or wear this brand and all your troubles will be gone!

We can witness through the ads how society has changed. Through the years the blatant stereotypical depictions of minorities in ads have turned into real depictions, as human beings, the same as everyone else. The sexism in ads has turned into depictions of equality. Yes, there are still ways to go, especially with the heavy use of photoshop on women in some ads; but great strides have been taken.

I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone for belonging to this community. I feel we are a community in the true sense of the word, and whether you just watch or post, your contribution is equal, as you can't do one without the other. We're very fortunate to have this great group. We're also fortunate that we are relatively dramz free. It's rare when it happens and that's a good thing! THANK YOU ALL!!!!


Weekend EventS Starting Tomorrow!

21-23 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Old West and Vintage Ads after Dark.

Ads that depict the Old West in anyway

AND Vintage Ads After Dark. Ads that are NSFW (please put behind a cut) and/or for products used between consenting adults.

PLUS!! Vintage Ads turns 12 on October 23, so cake, pie, ice cream, and anything party related. Not to mention, any of your favorite ads, etc.

We're celebrating our community birthday all weekend!

Ticket Books (::shudder::)

If you are old enough to remember these, you remember how awful they were.   I'll summarize:

1. "A" tickets were the slowest, most boring "attractions." (<--quotes on purpose) "E" ticket rides kicked ass.
2. You got 3 (maybe 4) E-tickets, but it seemed like 2.
3. Once you used up the E-tickets, you had NO MORE TICKETS FOR THE COOLEST RIDES.
4. Sad downward spiral for the rest of your visit.  Happiest place on Earth, my ass.