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Contest Starting TOMORROW!!!

Our contest starts TOMORROW!! Tuesday, December 1. Theme: DISNEY!! Yes, Disney. Disney products, Disney World, etc it has to be Disney though. And yes 1995 or before. There should be PLENTY of Disney based ads with all their marketing!!

Our rules post.

1. You must at least put 'contest' in the subject line for me to tally votes for your entry.

2. Print or video ads are fine.

3. All regular Vintage Ads rules apply EXCEPT only one ad per contest entry.

4. VOTING is via a YES in the comments. You must put a YES in the comments of an ad you'd like to have a chance to get to the finals.

5. As always regular ads are welcome.

6. Hem and haw rule. Now you're gonna see we have a new rule to total 8, so why not ditch this one? BECAUSE THIS NOW AN OFFICIAL RULE! DAMMIT JIM, I uh, don't really know Star Trek lines. :)

7. NEW!! If you THINK of it and if you regularly tag your ads (good for you!!) please use the 'contest entry' tag. Someone said it would be easier to find entries to vote on. Never fear though! Our Keeper of the Tags, noluck_boston will be on tag patrol to ensure contest entry is added to posts that are for the contest! And a reminder---people with 'mod power' just don't wear nifty clothes can ONLY edit the tags on your entry and see the coding. We cannot in anyway shape or form edit or change what is IN the 'posting' box--or even the subject line.

8. HAVE FUN!!!!

This week's upcoming events...

As always I will post the day before they begin!

Tuesday, December 1, Contest Starts Theme: DISNEY!! Yes, Disney. Disney products, Disney World, etc it has to be Disney though.

Wednesday, December 2, ONE DAY EVENT: White

Friday - Sunday, December 4 - 6, Weekend Events: Peanut butter & jelly and a baseball bat/Bread spreads AND Charities

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fearmongering from 1926. Take those family pix this holiday cuz next time someone might be dead!!! And now look where we are in society, some people post photos online of every meal, every outfit, nail polish, alleged 'relaxed' shots that took them hours to get just 'right', and basically anything and everything. Things aren't enjoyed whilst they are happening, they must be photographed entirely or else somehow they don't 'count' if facebook isn't made aware that you went somewhere. Yes yes of course photos have their place!!! But there is such a thing as TOO MUCH!


Weekend EventS Starting Tomorrow!

Friday - Sunday, November 27 - 29, Weekend Events: Floating body parts in ads AND Zombie apocalypse, what you would need to survive one!

Floating hands, floating heads, just a foot showcasing a shoe---those are examples of floating body parts. Plenty of ads with floating body parts!


ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!! What you would need to survive one! So ads for batteries, water, canned food, whatever YOU think you would need to survive! So VERY wide open interpretation there!!

The zombie apocalypse theme is this weekend because in the States it's 'Black Friday' and not the neato keen Steely Dan song either!! It's a day where people will flat out KILL others to get into a store first to buy an alleged deal to give as a Christmas gift to someone for I guess validation? Oh no wait, it's to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Vicious brutal consumerism is definitely a way to celebrate that. (If that is your religious belief). Fights over the last doodad, shoving matches in the through the store check out lines because they must check out STAT to rush to the next store to fight again! People with VERY little sleep and MAJOR aggression driving on the roads only thinking of getting to the next store. But hey, as the fights break out, or someone is being stampeded to death, you'll hear Christmas music playing and isn't that all just jolly??

I will only leave my house if I have a furbaby emergency. I almost got killed by a zombified shopping woman years ago. Who cares if she was bleeding? She kept telling the cop she had to get to Kaufman's, could he just let her walk to Kaufman's? They didn't let her go. South Park depicted black Friday brutality, obviously, highly exaggerated a couple seasons ago; but people DO camp out for DAYS, they DO beat others up; they ARE willing to kill. So PLEASE, PLEASE if you go out Friday, be VERY VERY safe!!! Be more than usually alert on the road as there will be sleep deprived people out there. And absolutely no item probably made in China by child labor is worth a fight or death!!! Most sales are also online!

One Day Event TOMORROW!!

Thursday, November 26, ONE DAY EVENT: Turkeys/Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving in the U.S. so Thanksgiving themed ads, or ads for Thanksgiving based foods like pumpkin pie with 6" of cool whip on top AND turkeys. Yes, you may widely interpret turkeys and say post an that in some way represents Donald Trump, as he's most certainly a turkey. Now now, yes, we DO avoid politicking here, but Trump? Come on!! Gobble gobble!!

And if you are traveling for the weekend, please have a safe journey!!