that woman at the bottom is obviously the seventh monster.

also, this is apparently before the time that the light order of traffic lights has been standardized, or perhaps before mediocre illustrators had a strong knowledge of said standards.
whoa...good eye...i would have never noticed the 'creative' way the traffic lights were arranged!
The woman in the foreground looks more irritated than scared.

"I've had just about enough of these rampant monsters. They are ruining the natural curl of my hair!"
The guy next to her looks as if he's rather annoyed.

"I can't believe Jane wore her flaming wig and red dentures to the monster invasion. Labor Day was weeks ago!"

LMAO! I was just going to say, that man has such a strong-jawed, clamped expression, like he's totally pissed off...

Or maybe he's anticipating that Gumby-like man behind them getting in their way...he seems to be melting...
It takes several months for them to grow? Why, that leaves you plenty o' time to get a head start and plan an effectual escape.
Oh wait...they're lovely in salads, never mind.
please rush all 7 real living ginat monsters and the deluxe accessory kit, to me at once
what the fuck do these things actually look like? im dying to know.
and wait, does the hair just grow? cause at the top it explicitly says "grow 7 monsters".

Lolz @ the woman at the bottom. She doesn't seem very scared. She's like...yawning.
i think she's bitching at the guy next to her "it said SEVEN monsters but there's only 6, last time i let you spend a $1"....