I'm really curious as to the point of the Federal one, and if it sold at all. SO UGLY.
I totally need the Year of the Dragon one. :-D When did fridges stop being fun?
hahahaha the hacienda one is so funny.

i wish i had a country store fridge. these are so much better than regular fridges!
Not French Provincial! I had that kind of hideous furniture when I was a kid. No, no, NO!!!
Iiich, these are hideous! I do like the tights worn by the Town and country girl, though.
For the win: The Dragon would probably find its way into my lair.

Is it a fridge?
That really is a good concept. And I bet they had the Federal model at the White House back then ;)
Who IS the country girl? She looks familiar? Leslie Caron?

I hat the fridges, but love the town and country outfit. That totally rocks, especially the tights. She would stop traffic with her fashion fierceness here in Portland, Oregon.

That being said, the dragon one IS kind of cool for its kitchi-ness (not to be confused with "Kitchen-ness".
fashion addendum re "town and country"
assuming that the fur collar is faux, of course. Otherwise she'd get covered in paint.

The same model appears in each. Unlikely that she's anyone or anything but hungry and hopeful.

All her incarnations bring bring up a sort of weird refrigerator fetish vibe.

"Oh yeah baby, be the country girl tonight..yeah, thassit...now go get me a cold one from the fridge..."

My parents had a large eagle on the side of their house. I guess that was OK as we lived in D.C. but the federal fridge is just going a smidge too far.

The people who create these kind of marketing campaigns - “use wood for a cozy Colonial look,” &c. - don't realize that the people who originally lived in that “cozy Colonial kitchen” or this “rustic decor” had no choice - they were doing the very best they could with the materials at hand. Decorate your kitchen like a fallout shelter, if you think grim necessity is quaint.

(People who wear “tribal jewelry” in the condescending belief that it's more 'natural' have the same problem. The original wearers would have ordered from Tiffany's, believe me.)

I need that 'French Provincial' fridge. My house will not be appropriately Regency without it.
OMG I have to have the Dragon one!!!

P.S. Post like this are why I LOVE this group!
@ the Hacienda - Ouch. Now I remember political correctness hadn't been invented yet. (seriously, what were they thinking with that outfit?)
I need the dragon fridge. It'd match nothing in my kitchen, but I need it anyway.