Ken looks ridiculous with that mustache
I have to make an icon of that.
Also, you're automatically a bad guy if you have a moustache.

But the sideburns make you a hero.
The 'stache made Ken look less like a movie bad guy and more like he was going to be in a porn movie.

Of course, everyone knows that sideburns = good guy.
My dad still has a mustache like that. The pictures of him from the 70's are quite similar to that one...
Moustaches can be rocked by select few, but I find that they do make a lot of people look like villains or paedophiles. Body hair, to an extent (think late '70s Robert Plant as opposed to Robin Williams), however, is super sexy.
I had both of those. The 'stache and burns got lost, quickly. And Barbie's hair was full of wires.

And I loved both of them