How many sad, sad early computer geeks bought this despite lacking anyone to use it with?
I don't know how many bought it, but the download was on a lot of BBSs.
When the interlude is over you can turn the clickety clack dial to watch black and white TV ;) Now that's an entertainment PC! LOL
You do realize that instead of disks, the TRS-80 used cassettes to load programs, yes? The floppy drive was an expensive extra cost option.
I wonder if it actually involved graphics or whether it was just like some naughty Infocomm game....

Look woman

*You see a beautiful woman in a silk teddy*

Touch woman

*I don't see that here*

Touch girl

*I don't see that here*

I'm trying to formulate a clever connection between this ad and The Big Bang Theory but it's not working. I'll come back tomorrow and try again.