I remember that stuff -- It turned my hair green. Good times. Good times.
Haha, I was just going to post that if there were truth in advertising laws back then, her hair should've been orange...maybe it depends on what color hair you start with...
Oh yeah...brown hair equaled green hair, especially under fluorescent lighting (the kind found in high schools, for instance).
I was just going to ask what would have happened had you used it on brown hair... oh my! =8-o
it turned the hair of several friend orange, but on me, I just ended up with pretty sun-bleached blonde.
Yeah, it depends on the hair. I have naturally blonde hair, and it just turns mine a few shades lighter blonde (almost to white, but I have fairly blonde hair to begin with). Brunette? Forget about it. Orange all the way.
I used that stuff when I was 12-13. Then got a perm, and my hair broke off.
I remember reading about that stuff in the Baby-Sitter's Club books. I think Stacey used it...
Lol I remember my friend just sprayed it in my hair without asking and it just made my hair super dry. I guess the spray was no match for my thick black "cher" hair.
My sister used that stuff in jr. high. Her hair is naturally black. It turned a brassy red.