hahaha. favorite part. not just custard, but *chocolate* custard.

I like how the baby is shrugging too.
This is what hot interracial action looked like in the 40's. The parts they left out are even filthier.
Please, please for the love of Dog, tell me this is a Vintage_ads parody!
I am horrified, but also craving chocolate custard. So at least the ad was successful in selling me...something.
"Where's a drug store? Where's my head?"

Man, I've been there. :(
WTF, did women regularly hand their babies off to strangers in the 40s, or what?
I guess it's showing that, with out Ivory soap, she's so out of her gourd that she's let a black man hold her baby! Where's her head? Oh the insanity! Get that woman her soap before she jumps on the tracks!
Exactly: hence the red cap. He's a member of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. At least they had the courtesy not to call him George.
Way to combine racism and sexism in a perfect confection of shittiness, white ad-men of yore!
SO much writing fail. What is this, bad Porter/Housewife fanfic? The inexplicable dialogue, the melodrama, the pov shifts! My aching head! Gimme some of those pills, lady. It's not pills? It's SOAP? WTF??!
There was a case here in Arizona a few winters ago, of a woman who went into a mall, leaving her sleeping baby in the car and casually asking the parking valet to keep an eye on him.