pharmecutical ephemera

from the days where it was okay to be blunt about your intentions regarding sedation the elderly.

wouldn't the world be a better place for housewives if there still were legal speed?
Wow. The first and third are terrible! I mean, they are cool ads but what they are saying -- it's ghastly!

"Here, old people and housewives, take this pill and conform, be complacent, we don't want to deal with your unhappiness..."

And that's different than most drugs out there for attitude adjustment how exactly?
the drugs themselves haven't changed, the way they are marketed has, though. there's no way a pharm company would get away with any of these ads today.
actually i find the pervasiveness of pharmecuticals in everyone's lives today to be really scary. i think the way people are educated about them leads them to believe they are a lot safer than they truly are, or at least a cure all for behavioral problems that people have got to figure themselves out in order to change, not pop some kind of pill. the 50s is like when the pharm ads got their baby teeth in, and now they're a gawky angry teenager who doesnt know what the fuck he's doing
Well, the ads that are on the site that the above pics came from are clearly geared towards people in the medical profession, and not the everyday joe. So from that point they clearly have changed.

Does anybody remember the first set of Cariton ads with the crazy colors and the pill in the sky.. My wife and I thought it was some form of legal LSD. That's the way the ads made it seem anyway.
I don't completley agree with you when you say we think that the pills of today are made out to be a "cure all for behavioral problems that people have got to figure themselves out in order to change". I have crippling depression and anxiety and I am still dealing with it. I was in therapy for 2 years before I was put on any uptake inhibitors. Untill I took the medication, I couldn't leave my house or be in a small crowd without having a panic attack. Drugs have a definite place in our life, and yes, yes they're too commonplace, but they still have a purpose and are helping me, and many others regain some sort of life again. At this point in society, Uptake inhibitors are the lobotomys of the '50s. Tired? Feeling down? Well, we can give you a lobotomy if you like! Now it seems that we're replacing the ice picks with bottles of pills. But lets not say that we're all far too lazy, or we're all in denial about our mental issues. Some of us really DO require them for a certain period of time.
I don't know.. I think the message is very close to the same, but how they deliver it has changed. The underlying message is almost identical.
i completely agree with you, that was kind of my point actually, i guess i didn't explain myself well. i've been up for like two days and i'm in nyquil haze, forgive me
well, i dont see your point there, but i guess way to go with a snappy joke. i'm vomiting mucus in my sleep, i get nyquil. i guess that means they've gotten me too. oh, shit. i've been sucked in by big business.
Clearly your taking-yourself-seriously lobe is on performance-enhancing drugs.
Well, they aren't so overt about it now. Also, it seems that just about everyone is a target audience.
HA! I'm a nurse and have actually requested doctors for Thorazine for my patients. Did you know they also perscribe it for hiccups? It works too!

Great adds.

Well, kinda. It's also an anti-psychotic (so for severe bi-polars more like it). It's pretty convienent for me to give- I'm a night nurse and people just seem to fall asleep after I give it :D Huh.

ooh! I have trouble sleeping and was perscribed a low dose of Chlorpromazine as a sleep aid.