That is, with or without an intact hymen. Because, of course all unmarried women have intact hymens, right?
She does look a little pretentious and stuck up about not using those tampons...
notice the usage of wearing white clothing.

you'd better suck it up and shove those cotton cylinders up there, everyone else is doing it. if you don't, you're a stuck up snob!

(perhaps she [like me and a number of other women] has a tilted uterus [the medical term escapes me at the moment] which makes using tampons rather difficult to situate in a manner that isn't completely uncomfortable)
I hadn't thought of the symbolism of the white outfit. That's an excellent point, and is probably deliberate.
maybe the copy editor inserted their tampon in the wrong 'hole'...that might contribute to the butthurt nature of the tone^.^
Why do you think you're different?!?! You're not special! It's for the benefit of ALL women--what, don't you support your fellow woman? Stop acting like you're above everyone else and start shoving cotton in your vagina!
i like that abstract art in the background...or is that a 'fuzzy' tampon usage diagram?
Nothing in the world to prevent one from using Tampax, except the fact that they refuse to face up to the fact that they're not different? Uh. Oh. Okay.
I can't resist to publish a joke we say here in Spain

A kid is writing his letter to Santa Claus and he asks for a box of tampax. His mum checks the letter and says "Oh, boy, why on Earth you want a box of Tampax, it's only for girls." The poor thing replies "But mum, I've seen on TV that Tampax allows you to do everything: riding, hiking, dancing... I want to do that"
LOL. "Stop being such a prudish bitch and buy Tampax!" Makes me think of that line from "To His Coy Mistress" where the guy's like, you should have extra-marital sex with me because we all die anyway and when you die "then worms shall try / That long preserved virginity."
But I [i]am[/i] different! I tried using Tampax years ago and it was incredibly uncomfortable for me. This is why I would rather use pads. Besides, I don't usually feel like horseback riding or dancing during that time of the month in the first place.