Please tell me this is a real ad so I can feel better about the world today.
Big Dick for tree-fiddy? Not even Amazon can give you a discount like that.
23 inches? Big Dick is certainly big.

I really should get my mind out of the gutter but it's too difficult to with this ad. x3
You're welcome <3. If you like budgies, are you on the Talk Budgies forum? I have four of my own, and find this place very resourceful and friendly.
Ooh, I'll have to go check it out. It'll come in handy, seeing as I'm still new to the world of budgies.

Btw, the bird in my icon is called Sidney, in case you were curious. xD
They say it was a more innocent time. But when I see ads like that (and I've seen it before), I just don't bloody buy it.
Oh hello.

I have a hard time imagining "thirty-six bullet-shaped wooden slugs" are completely "harmless" though. Jeez.
he's a little small to care now, but when he grows up he will be very grateful!!!
All filthy connotations completely aside... that shit looks like fun.
I'd have loved one of those as a kid. Hell, I still want one!