a walking booby? Omg want. Wtf with the lace trim though, my boobs don't have a lace trim, WHAT IS WRONG WITH MEEEE.

Btw hot icon is hot.
The top guy likes guys ;) and LOL at the wonderin' titty. ;)
I like that the walking boob has a money back guarantee. Just in case your lace bedecked wind-up boob doesn't fully meet your expectations.
Not just dropped off and skittered away... but dropped off and skittered while wearing lace trim. Heart attack central, that is.
omg!! I LOL'd so hard at the walking booby ad!! too funny! oh and I agree with whoseline_wlsc that the lady in the first ad looks like a man ahahaa!!
I don't think anyone nowadays would be able to sell a product with the word "toilet" in the name. Well, besides "eau de toilette."
Maybe someone at that company thought they were being high society with that name?

I'm still trying to figure what kind of ugly dude wrote at book?