At least with hormonal acne, one can have healthy skin that heals well, and just have acne problems. Not sure about pimples as a result of... um, constipation though....
First time I can remember seeing "no, it doesn't solve everything" in an older ad like this, although it's also the first time I've seen the cure to acne being alluded to as taking a healthy one.
It's interesting how a lot of these early 1920s-30s ads are targeted toward women using the same formula:

[Picture of contemplative or sad woman]
"[This woman or Woman's name] has only gone out on one or two "dates." But then they found out she [insert problem with breath/vajayjay/stinky/constipation/etc.]. It would have been SO much different if she had [cleaned her girly parts/washed/ate][product] Why? Because [insert long four paragraph drivel usually involving scientific crap and lots of "quotation marks" on meaningless "words"]!

[Product name]: Because you're not worth it without us. You poor, poor girl."

Yep, those were the days.

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cripes, again with the digestive problems. are we sure it wasn't her toilet paper???????????
Am I reading this right? Guys don't want to go out with her because she's constipated?
As a girl with poo problems, being regular does improve your mood.

I don't know about acne, though.
How do they know her curious hairstyle and frumpy clothing didn't have anything to do with her lack of dates?