That scenario pictured there? Is just ripe for the guy to smash open the door, grab her damned gun, and then shoot her with it. She'd be better off with not opening the freaking door before she knows who it is. Dumbass.
Actually, people tell me that all the time when they're arguing anti-gun positions.
And regardless of gender, you should look at who's out there first every single time.
Hell, I do it every time I open an outside door, whether I'm expecting someone there or not.
Re: Actually, people tell me that all the time when they're arguing anti-gun positions.
My comment wasn't even based on anti-gun (and it sure as hell wasn't based on EVOL SEXISM). It was based on the fact that the stupid woman had the door opened on a crummy chain like that was going to protect her from that guy on the other side. Which made her, in my estimation, a dumbass. ;-)
Re: Actually, people tell me that all the time when they're arguing anti-gun positions.
I don't think they had peepholes back then. She probably felt she had to open the door to see who was there.
oh contraire, my house was built in 1914 and the original doors all feature peepholes aplenty. p.s. it's in a bad neighborhood to boot.
I said "In that scenario pictured there." In that scenario, it was just as likely the same thing could happen to a guy. A door being kicked back into your face is going to make you vulnerable regardless of gender.

And I hate to break your "everyone's equal" fantasy, but men? Actually do have more physical strength than most women. FYI
Advertising doesn't change much, does it? (and keep the door closed, idiot.)

Too bad she doesn't have a barking dog instead.
... and if you don't have a peephole, you can put that new gun to use and make one real quick, the Iver Johnson way.
Lovely! Not a day goes by (well, almost) that I don't quote a line from that movie.

"Mongo just pawn in great game of life."
It's such a shame that nobody had thought to develop the peephole.
Selling guns to women in 1910 was probably extremely progressive by that era's standards.

Also this ad is badass.
Maybe there's a guy at her door at that hour of the night because SHE'S a tramp.
If it's a telegram, I feel sorry for the person delivering said telegram.

I hope she knows how to use that gun, and I'm not saying that just because she's female. If a person is going to own a gun, they had better know how to use it rather than just hoping that whoever at the door sees the gun and is going to be intimidated enough to scram.
"Telegra--" *POW*! That is, if it's loaded and not being waved around for a bluff. I've had people advise me to own a lookalike model or an unloaded gun-- whaaa?
"Who's there?"



"Land shark."

I think I'll just print this ad out & put it on my door.
Visitors will be shot. Survivors will be shot again. This sign is sponsored by Iver Johnson.