Egg Cuber

 Why someone would want to do this to a perfectly good hard-boiled egg?  I have no clue.

Me too! I'm just getting into bento making. But I bet a lot of bento makers would snap this up.
It does. I grew up using one - and ... now don't have one. I lost it in the divorce! I'll have to find another one.


Exactly...what a great conversation piece for a flop party! Although the shape could be off-putting to some! What bird laid these???
I bet square eggs would fit well in some bentos. The Hello Kitty ones are cuter, though.

I wonder if you could cut them in half after and make square deviled eggs?
I've known for a long, long time that something precious was missing from my life. And now I know what is was. CUBE SHAPED EGGS! LOL
I don't like being reminded that hard-boiled eggs are about the same consistency as gelatin. Eggs are already icky enough to me. :(
My mom would probably want one of these just to see what the egg tasted like cubed. Not even kidding.
Yeah, but you could only make one at a time! Wouldn't this be really time consuming if this were for a party dish or something?
I love how I'm not the only one who immediately thought I TOTALLY WANT THIS!
I had that! I did, got it at a yard sale. No idea what happened to it.
Obviously, you need cubic eggs so you can make your tabletop hard-boiled-egg fort. Or is that just me?
We bought one of these when I was a kid. At my insistence, despite never liking or eating hardboiled eggs. It works as well as you see in the ad, i.e., NOT a true cube. And it takes a fair while to cube effectively. too. Kinda lame and we "lost" it soon enough.
Why? this is the beginning of conspicuous consumerism, disposable income and just buying crap for the hell of it. It appears to be from the 1970's?
It's a modern product, or at least they did a repro of it.
I have one of these that I bought in a thrift store, it has the exact package and it came from World Market.

It prevents the egg from rolling around in your lunch box/picnic basket.