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1957 Tonette home perm

1957 Tonette perm
1957 - Tonette home perms for little girls.
Tags: 1950, hair
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May 16 2010, 19:57:49 UTC 3 years ago

Oh yeah! and kids really LOVED it when MOMMY put that stinky crap on their head and turned their hair into a scrub brush. ACK!!! NOT the TONETTE!!!!!


May 16 2010, 20:03:24 UTC 3 years ago

No kidding! Who would do this to a little girl?


May 16 2010, 21:31:01 UTC 3 years ago

Different kind of perming but perms on little girls isn't very odd in the black community.


May 16 2010, 21:58:28 UTC 3 years ago

It still sucks though. I HATE seeing 3-year olds with burnt edges and fucked up hair because their parents think "it's too much to manage" before their hair really starts growing.


May 16 2010, 20:13:13 UTC 3 years ago

I had a Tonette perm courtesy of my aunt when I was little (early '60's). The pictures are terrifying.


May 16 2010, 20:54:23 UTC 3 years ago

I'm curious!


May 16 2010, 21:12:37 UTC 3 years ago

I do believe my mom used that stuff on me...or at least one of the Toni products, ca. 1959. I was four or just turned five...and I was far more traumatized by the fact they cut my long hair off than by the perm....


May 16 2010, 22:06:51 UTC 3 years ago

I think I know how you feel. I was going to start kindergarten, and my dad, who was a barber, bobbed my previously long hair. I can still remember the horror and shock I felt when I looked in the mirror.

This was in... 1967. No perm, but I do remember that I took scissors to my hair not too long after and really messed it up, just in time for school pictures. Was my mom furious!


May 17 2010, 04:19:33 UTC 3 years ago

My straight-haired daughter wants to keep her hair super-long because that's the way all her friends wear theirs. I'm letting her do it, but it's a major pain to keep it untangled. Emphasis on pain.

Most of the girls at her new school for the fall seem to have short hair. Normally I'm not a big fan of conformity, but in this case I'm keeping my fingers crossed that peer pressure will relieve me of the pain of trying to maintain her 'do.


May 17 2010, 11:51:25 UTC 3 years ago

I had super long straight hair as a child and yes, the untangling was a nightmare. I didn't do this but have you tried getting her to sleep with it in a plait? That can help.


May 17 2010, 11:59:34 UTC 3 years ago

Funny you say that! She's recently settled on "two braids" as her hairstyle of choice, and we do keep it in at night. And you're right, it does help. :)


May 17 2010, 15:53:04 UTC 3 years ago

It's even worse when you have super long *curly* hair (and are a tomboy that roams the swamps every day pretending to be Pocahontas lol) Even with a braid it was a nightmare sometimes. And I was always a little beast when she tried to brush it.


May 16 2010, 22:08:50 UTC 3 years ago

I'm not sure I'd be happy if my hair came out in one Slinky-like curl after a perm. But then, I don't have stick hands or feet like flippers, so...


May 16 2010, 22:20:29 UTC 3 years ago

I thought it was an ad for tampons until I looked more closely. The double-easy applicator fooled me.


May 16 2010, 22:43:41 UTC 3 years ago

I scrolled by and thought it said "Tourettes".


May 17 2010, 00:09:38 UTC 3 years ago

And all this time I thought a Tonette was one of those recorder/flageolet/whistle instruments. I wish I still had that handmedown one I used to have.


May 17 2010, 03:54:56 UTC 3 years ago

So while black girls had to suffer from their mother's taking a hot comb to their hair, white girls had to deal with this? *shakes head and walk out*

Guess people really do think the grass is greener on the other side.


May 17 2010, 03:57:23 UTC 3 years ago

Hair horror is the great equalizer.


May 17 2010, 03:58:36 UTC 3 years ago

I guess so!


May 17 2010, 04:27:07 UTC 3 years ago

I have a white friend with thick, wavy black hair. It's absolutely gorgeous. When she was a kid, her mother would pull it back so hard in braids that she'd get horrible headaches. The doctor advised her mother that there was nothing wrong with her, and that she should just stop braiding it so tight. Did she listen? No.

Even if it's not relaxed or curled, a parent can still find a way to mess the hell out of their daughter's hair. Really, the one constant is that you just can't win.

(These days she lets her hair cascade down like some kind of fabulous goddess. I am mostly mature enough now not to be jealous. Mostly.)


May 17 2010, 11:49:40 UTC 3 years ago

CHILDREN'S perm? Oh dear God no.

Do they even do home perms any more? I hope not.


May 17 2010, 12:34:49 UTC 3 years ago

My mom gave me a home perm when I was 8-9 years old. It was a "straight" body perm though, so my hair would go into an over or under curled pageboy shoulder length bob. This was in the mid 1970s. It looked OK, but I grew my hair out long and straight (with or without bangs) , and that 's the way it's usually been ever since (with brief and generally regretted interruptions).

Go me : I finally talked my mom into going to my hairstylist and having her hair done professionally. After at least 5 decades of home perms, my mom had her hair cut off into an un permed, short Jamie Lee Curtis cut, which she can style in 5 minutes with a round brush and dryer. She loves it, and it looks so contemporary...Not like Edith Bunker's hair style. No more home perms and no more curlers!


May 17 2010, 12:41:48 UTC 3 years ago

Good for you for looking out for her, and good for her for trying something new! Awesome!


May 17 2010, 22:07:13 UTC 3 years ago

I need to convince my mom to do this! She hates messing with her hair, but is afraid a really short hairstyle will look bad. She can't afford a salon, either. Well, not a good one.



May 17 2010, 17:34:13 UTC 3 years ago

I never needed a perm (My hair is very curly when short and wavy when long), but I've had my share of really bad haircuts, but I can't blame my mum for all of them. I cut my hair to about an inch when I was 20. It looked rubbish growing out, and there was a "Shirley Temple" stage in the middle.