Cure-alls: part one

One of the (few?) good things about ads nowadays is that there are laws that at least try to prevent advertising agencies from making outright lies about their products. There was no need to worry about that in the good old days! You could claim that your products could do anything and cure any malady, even if it was blatantly clear that this was complete bull!

For example:

Worried about the flu? Drink alcohol! This will clearly work!

Still feeling under the weather? Well, obviously, you need to eat more of the most important food group:

And after this, if for some strange reason you find yourself putting on more than you planned, just do what all fat folk do:

My favourite thing about this one isn't the over-the-top claims though, it's this bizarre little phrase buried in one of the paragraphs:

"Do not be afraid of evil consequences"

Note that it doesn't deny that there are evil consequences. You just shouldn't be afraid of them *nods*.

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