OMG whats scary is that I had the second pair and the "outdoorsy" pair.....LOL!!
Man those were "fashion" frames? I'm glad I wasn't around for that! Cute little jingle though.
These look a lot like my first pair of glasses, in '88. :( Big chunky plastic things.
Wow, loved the classy tinsel backgrounds, à la Price is Right or used car lot.
Fashion experts back then told people that you HAD to have big frames to cover the eyebrows, because it looked odd to have two pairs of eyebrows, one that moved (the real ones) and ones that didn't (the top of the glasses frame). Yeah, I fell for that "logic" too....And somewhere in the Third World, some poor soul is probably still wearing the hideous results, which I donated to charity after getting contacts and then Lasik.
I don't think I could see a difference between any of those!
I don't believe for a moment that the model and the person doing that voice-over are the same.