I have to break the pattern and say ICK. Don't ruin that beautiful bacon/pancake with pancake/bacon!
That actually looks so good. If you like pancake and you like bacon, what is there not to like?! You eat them together on the same plate anyway!
No I really don't! Pancakes have to be swimming with cream and syrup - and syrup and bacon have nothing to do with one another on a civilised planet.
I'd consider not being vegetarian for a day just to eat this.

My mind is blown. O_O
The comment box isn't the only thing that's hungry!
Once my friends and I went camping in high school, and it turned out that we didn't have enough pancake batter or bacon for all of us to have bacon and pancakes, so we threw it all together and made BACON CAKE, the most delicious thing EVAR.
This looked so good that I had to have pancakes tonight...but alas, I had no bacon. But I did have real maple syrup.
Damn, that would taste so good. I know what I want for breakfast tomorrow.
An aunt of mine did this with pancakes or waffles and slices of ham.
oh my god.
I honestly do not know if I think this is brilliant or disgusting.
A while back I made pancakes with bacon and apples mixed in, and they were awesome. I actually wish I'd mixed more bacon into the batter (don't worry, the bacon was cooked when I mixed it in!)

Now I want to make them again but I'm low on flour (I prefer making pancakes from scratch) and bacon and have no apples.