January 6th, 2013

Forties Weekend: Sampler with Kitteh

Butthole Surfers for Nintendo

Gotta love that 90's 'tude... TO THE X-TREEEEEME!!!!!!!

Ah... the "Play it Loud" era....

The song is "Who Was In My Room Last Night" from "Independant Worm Saloon."- Cant remember the exact date of the commercial, but I know the album was released in 1993, so here it is!


Contest Starting TOMORROW!!!!

Our January contest starts TOMORROW!!!! Theme is: SELF-IMPROVEMENT ADS!!! ads for health clubs? yes! ads for diet ayds aids? yes! ads for even going back to school? yes! somewhat broad theme, but it's sometimes better it's broad so it includes more fun!


1. you MUST put at least 'contest' in the subject line....you don't do that, i won't tally votes for the ad....now, from the past couple contests, we've learned that if you are using the NEW version of 'post an entry' somehow/someway the subject gets 'eaten' when you post....so if you are using the new version of post an entry, PLEASE double check that your subject is still there after you post your entry!

2. print or video ads are fine! and remember, 1993 is NOW VINTAGE! (in my mind it's still 1983 so uh, okay then)....

3. ALL regular community rules apply, EXCEPT---only ONE ad per post! (if you are just posting several non-contest themed ads, then yes you can do that still!!) only posts with contest entries are to have one ad....

4. voting....you must put YES in the comments if you'd like the ad to possibly go to be a finalists.....i cannot accept ANYTHING except a yes! i have to be fair!! do i need to post my how to vote video again? i will! don't make me do that! hah!

5. yes of course regular ads are welcome during the contest!!!

6. official hem and haw rule.....hem haw.....hem haw.....how ya doing? horrible flu season isn't it?

7. most important rule of 'em all: HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!