Why go to the trouble when you can recreate it at home? All it takes is some peanut butter and some deviled ham!
okay - peanut butter blended with ham???

not in my friggen universe......sheesh!
Oh good, I'm glad I'm not the only one horrified. Blending with mayo, fine. Gross, but understandable, I know people who love ham salad. But no commutative property of food makes nut butter and cured pork a good idea....
My mum lives in one of the rich areas of New York, she grew up on this stuff and loves it. Her market dosent carry it anymore it was deemed to "urban" and "down market" so I have to smuggle it to her from Bronx.

Well, there ya go. I was going to say, "No, they just want you to open it for them. Can opener scary!"

But now there is no need for me to say, "No, they just want you to open it for them. Can opener scary!"
Obviously this family is too stupid to make their own sandwiches. They can't even figure out how to ask mom politely to her face.
That's what bugs me about this kind of scenario. What kind of tyrant do they want us to think Mom is, if her kids are afraid to ask her outright for a sandwich? Or else, as you said, they're just too stupid for the direct approach to cross their minds.
Dear god, deviled ham blended with peanut butter? I thought the devil mascot was a cute logo, not an actual statement of fact.
I love the style this was drawn in, it actually looks pretty modern. That recipe, however, purely vintage - no way anyone'd consider something as gross as peanut butter and deviled ham now.
PEANUT BUTTER? Bleah. Bleeaaahh.

My mother used to love deviled ham until I remarked that it smelled and looked exactly like Fancy Feast.
They could just be asking their mom for permission to perform a Satanic ritual, please.

I wouldn't mix that stuff with peanut butter if you paid me. It's OK with mayo, once in a while - I can't eat very much of it because I find it quite salty. My grandma loves it, though, and we try to keep some around for when she visits.
No, lady! Look at their eyes! They're luring you into a sacrifice! A SACRIFICE! The devilled ham.... IS YOU!
If this is a 50s always-in-the-kitchen kind of mom, how did the kids draw an elaborate full-body Satan without her seeing it? Did they wait until she was in the bathroom?
So, they can draw a jaunty Satan on the kitchen blackboard, but they can't open a can of Underwood? That's a very specific skill set.
"Go to hell...Please."

Now, generally, if I see Satan drawn on a board I'm not immediately going to think 'Gee, this must be the mascot for deviled ham.' I'm going to get out the holy water.

That devil is pretty damn creepy.