Jordache jeans ad, 1980s

"I hate my mother; she's so much prettier than me."
"Your mother?"
"Have you ever seen her mother?"
"I have; I'm hoping she'll be divorced before I'm out of school."
"I found an old picture of her from when she was my age."
"Was she hot?"
"No…she was kind of short like me…with freckles and a little bit overweight."
"Kind of like you?"
"Exactly like me."
I love Snotty Blonde Girl trying to lay down a wicked burn.
This girl is overweight?

Also, she's totally channeling Claire in Breakfast Club; right down to Molly Ringwald's way of curling her lip.
Cheryl Pollak-she was on Melrose place. She was all over the place for a short period of time in the late 80's, maybe in part to Molly Ringwald's popularity.
I so agree with you.

trying to understand the whole conversation didn't make sense but when you observe the characters..


then it makes a lot of sense now.
Is the moral of that ad that "plain" girls will grow up to be hot? Just give your hotness time, and you too can be a MILF?

That was sort of the general motto when I was a kid (80's-early 90's). Complain that you weren't pretty enough? "Oh, just give it time!"

... I didn't WANT time, I wanted to be hot THEN. Jerks.
What really sucks is that I have never again been as hot as I was at 15 only I didn't enjoy it at the time!!!! Stupid ads.
Ha. I thought you were making up that dialogue until I actually watched the commercial.
No, I was remembering this commercial this morning so I looked it up. And I remember a phone project in the 80s called Ralphie's Bop City where you would call this number in Brooklyn and be connected to a tape of people musing about the previous week's question; then at the end, a question for you to answer would be posed.

Ralphie (Steve Stein) edited the tape of replies and sometimes I got into the edited version. The week the question had been about emotional scars you bore from your childhood, and at the time this commercial was on the air. So when it came time to record the message, I said in a breathy, whiny voice, "I hate my mother; she's so much prettier than me." It made the cuts.
Who doesn't love a friend that openly hopes your family's torn apart just so he can nail your mom? Good god, but that's a guy who deserves to live through his entire life as a virgin.
I remember that commercial! At the time I thought it was funny, now it seems creepy.
Ug. I hated those ads. Yes, I want to identify with a whiny self-pitying girl, I don't think.