she looks like that gal who played Hutch's ex-wife and also the DA on Hill Street Blues!

I remember eye shadow like that.....funky!!
Oh, yeah! Her name excapes me but she was EVERYWHERE for awhile and I remember that she was an ex-model.

She's lovely - bar that hideous eyeshadow, of course.
was her name - Victoria Hammel? that might not be right but she WAS gorgeous!

think of a young, blond, innocently angelic looking David Soul as Hutch and his wife, the dark and sultry, conniving she-devil called was a good match for a show in the 70's and said so much that a script could NEVER convey...LOL

yeah that's her!
I wish I could find plum mascara these days. I used to wear burgundy but the only burgundy mascara I can find is YSL and it's about 30 bucks for a tube. :/
I remember wearing blue eyeshadow in the 80's. And now it's back again. XD I think I'll be passing this time around.
It's a little powdery-looking, but I think it's kinda fabulous anyway.
I never found blue or that 70's pale green eye shadow flattering, but that nude lip gloss is amazing. I kind of miss the colour up to your brows thing.

I'm kind of picturing it being like how some animals mate for life.