I am too distracted by that giant glass of ice-cold soda. It is such a weakness of mine, even though it is so bad for me.
In looking at this again - is that a paper straw? I believe it is!
ugh...paper straws. I remember those... They used to come with some juice drink my mother bought...DISGUSTING. They'd turn all mooshy before you were done, and stick to your lips and taste like notebook paper. FEH FEH FEH!
I had to help clean out tons of clutter in my step-grandfather's house that dated back to the 60s, a few years ago. Most of what caught our fancy, he said we could have. Inside of an old tackle box of art supplies, there were three pristine seafoam blue paper straws. I don't know why they fascinate me so, but they do. They did make me understand why so often in 50s movies and pictures, you saw people using two at a time - it probably slowed the rate of collapse.
How sweet. There was something about childhood though that made it okay to drink soda and eat paper at the same time. I say more paper straws now! (though at 31 my paper tastebuds may have left me!)
Yes! Trying to drink a shake or a malt through a paper straw was a major league pain in the astronaut. It just didn't build up enough suction. If it was waxed enough it didn't mush up but there was the factor of getting wax coating on your teeth. Ew.
Sure; I remember these promotional "sugar"ads of the 60s. It's true: I was the only fat kid on my block.

And yeah: that looks like a paper straw.
Exactly what I was thinking. I hate those HFCS ads. "Yeah...keep telling yourselves that people" is the only thing that runs through my head when I see those-that and rage at how they are convincing al already unhealthy nation that it's safe to eat more shit....even in "moderation" which could mean anything to anyone.
yeah sure they're thin - all that exercise from bouncing off walls will do it every time!

I just came here to say that. If you had ADHD like me, it was freakin' kiddie crack.
Anybody else have that sugar quicksand at the bottom of their cereal bowl??
yeah I sure did and I was a "hyperactive" child which is what we called ADD in the 60's.......

now sugar and me only meet in dark chocolate - and then I only eat 85% cocoa chocolate...

and I'm still "hyper"...LOL (must be a manic thing) ;-)
Jeez, me too, in the sebenties. I even got put on the Feingold diet which did nothing except make me skinnier and cranky.
I remember my mom tried to hide all the sugary things - because it was like rocket fuel to me- THAT only lasted about a day. I found her stash in the basement.
They called me "hyperactive", too. I guess you would be too if you broke free from 3 of those "kiddy leashes" in a week.
This ad isn't totally wrong, though: it's saying you shouldn't blame obesity on sugar, you should blame people's poor eating diets. I suppose what they fail to see is, you should blame people's poor eating diets, especially their poor choice of consuming way too much sugar.
If I'm not mistaken, there were similar ads put out, probably about the same time, that tried to promote pop as a healthy breakfast beverage for the family.

It went over like a lead balloon, obviously...

Then again, my brother used to--still may, for all I know--drink Pepsi for breakfast, instead of coffee. This probably goes a long way in explaining why he is the way he is.
That makes sense then - the ad campaign was aimed at mothers of young children - yanno, give them quick energy first thing in the morning - so they were trying to replace things like milk or juice.
Oh. My. Effing. God.

"Sugar in moderation has a place in a balanced diet." Yeah, if you mean the sugar that comes in fruits and vegetables. Refined sugar? Not so much really at all.

I'm printing this and putting it on my kitchen fridge to remind myself that refined sugar is the The Devil.

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Oh sweet jeebus! I'm just gonna rush right out and eat a big bowl of SUGAR NOW! Cause I want to be THIN!
*sends off request to Sugar Information*

*letter comes back*

"Buy more and eat it."

Edited at 2010-07-01 06:08 pm (UTC)
High Fructose Corn Syrup; this is why I decided to stop drinking soda and stop consuming foods and drinks that have in it there, along with other crap in it. I just drink tea, water, and juice.
I know that Pepsi Throwback is made with real sugar, but too much isn't good for you.
If sugar is so fattening, how come so many kids are thin?

Because they haven't developed an insulin resistance - yet.