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yes, take midol for your guy! he's a man and they don't need to be empathetic to menstrual problems!!!

co-mod programming is independence day in the USA and i'll be gone all evening to watch fireworks and people watch the people watching fireworks (Seriously, it's fun! :) so i wanted to let y'all know if case you are submitting ads to moderation....i WILL approve ads when i get home before i go to bed!! fellow americans, enjoy your independence day with blowing things up and grilling stuff!! :)

Man, the timing of this is so appropriate: I was struck by my womanly affliction this morning.

Also, Dave Foley wouldn't insist that I take Midol.
Dave Foley!! :)

i had those womanly pieces removed years ago and i can't tell you the relief of not having to go through that every month!!
Yes, if I remember correctly, the man with a good attitude towards menstruation would brave the drugstore to buy you herbal tea and Pamprin.

Re: found it!
"And marvel and her fecundity!"

Why didn't ad writers employ Dave Foley? That guy could write some copy.
Re: found it!
The character's ending speech dovetails nicely with your vid. Which is awesome, btw. Heee!

Ah, but he would do so to relieve my discomfort, and not because I was being an annoying bitch. Crucial difference.

Can I just say that not all women become crazed she-demons around Lady Time?

Also, Midol never worked for me - good ol' Advil does the trick... and he's prettier than I am, so my "yes" is partly out of jealously.
The smirk conflicts with his soft, pastelly outfit. *confused*
Wow...look at that hair... and he wearing a buffalo nickle on a chain around his neck. That being said, I'D TOTALLY MUG HIM FOR THAT SHIRT!
This makes me think of the classic Gloria Steinem routine, "If men had periods." If men had periods, there would be a national institute for the study of PMS and menstrual cramps.

That being said, I'm not entirely sure that the person in that picture is a guy.
Re: Yes
okay! thank you!!! I'm leaving around 6pm EST and won't be back to around midnight....i'll check the moderated posting queue before i go to bed anyway....
The ad...
...that puts the "men" in menstruation.
Wow, I HAD that hair. Proud to say not the shirt, though. Sorry to say, not the complexion either. :D