co-mod post CONTEST FINALISTS!!!!!!!

we have our 5 finalists for our sexist ads will be all week and i will announce the winner next saturday morning....this contest got A LOT of entries, which is great for participation, but rather disheartening that there are so many examples of sexist ads....

please vote on this post with the entry # in the comments....

entry #1

entry #2

entry #3

entry #4

entry #5
i had a hard time between 4 & 5, but in the end, 4 had that picture to go along with it that kind of put it over the top for me.


It's a tough call between 1 and 3, but 1 is definitely a much better ad, so I think it has more impact.

It's really close between #2 and #5. I'm going for #5, as I think part of what's hammering #2 for me is its racism / blacksploitation content.

So, yeah. For sexism? #5.
I have to vote #3, just for that visual image. But it was a really tough choice.