Is it just me, or does it appear that the Winnebago has been driven out into the middle of a lake?
Walt would never use the model shown in this ad, there's not enough counter space for his lab. ;)
Well, I must be twelve, because all I can see are the naked and pot-soaked possibilities.
Read my dirty mind. I'd watch, but they're clearly all going to drown. A Winnebago is not a boat, hippies! They're too stoned to care about the diff.
Only because I was busy cooking and eating dinner. Otherwise, you and I would have been ALL over this.
The girl in the red flannel shirt wishes it was 30 years later, so she could have an iPhone or a Blackberry, to add to her casual aloofness.

Girl in floppy hat is the easy one.
They're either 15 minutes away from an orgy OR from getting axe-murdered by a guy wearing a hockey mask.
I'm not a big fan of slasher movies, but in the few I've seen, orgies always seem to invite ax-murderer attacks. It's like chum to sharks lol
A thousand times YES!
These partially-clothed 70s people are merely enjoying the spacious green-plaid interior of a Winnebago, while munching on what appears to be some diced tomatoes and pretzels. It's perfectly wholesome.

I'd like to think they're just having innocent summer fun. :)
I do agree with the person who says it looks like they're in the middle of the lake.
Do you suppose they meant to show how damn dark it is inside that thing?