No, it's the other way around...these stockings make a girl feel ten feet tall!
Oh, it's not just you... they're pretty much looking right up her skirt!

I do like the song and the art though.
I posted this along with two or three other ads of his a couple of months back. It's really hard to pick a favorite among his ads. They're so amazingly bizarre and creative, and in different ways.
Please, somebody show this to Quentin Tarantino. The intersection of throwback Eurokitsch and unapologetic foot fetishizing might actually make his heart explode.

LOVELY!!! Really enjoyed that a lot!

Now makes me think there should be a "Vintage Ads After-Dark" contest, of some slightly naughtier ads. This would get my vote!
you've got to wonder
how many german little boys became stocking fetishists after watching this!


Rock on,
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Re: you've got to wonder
Hey, I AM German and I have a thing for stockings. Coincidence?