Oh, that poor kitty! Looks like it's being horribly murdered.
What were they even thinking? At first glance I thought that cat had been disemboweled.
Geez! Why did they have to use red?? There's blue, green, purple, pink, orange.....anything but red!!!
OMG I was thinking the same thing!!! Why not yellow? Yellow would look so much less.... lethal!
Ah, the early twentieth century, when children were encouraged to be cruel to animals.
At first glance, it looked like the girl had skinned the bottom half of the cat O_O!!
this just gos to show that blood sells better than poop
Re: YES!!
really just practical. Red was a much easier (and therefore cheaper) color to use in print ads.
And this is a terrible ad: "Buy Diamond Dyes and your child will destroy your home with it!". Well, I'm sold!
Re: Yes!
Oh my god you're totally right. It's like "It's easy to die with diamond eyes." It's like really spooky poetry.