In my mind, this wins the contest, hands down. Perfect example of a "humorous" ad that's actually horrifically gruesome, right down to the slogan. Ghastly.

Okay, this is all sorts of hilarious and I've never seen it before. I am so happy to see this posted! YES.
okay it took me forever to relize there was even a bowl..i just looked like some demonic hell spawn murdering a tiny person and a cat..
but..why would you market dye this way "buy this so little ann can make you have a panic attack when she ruins the house,the cat, and the doll you most likely made for her by hand!" yeah no..i don't even trust my husband thing around food dye..
Yes, a thousand times over

Now, could someone please hand over the brain bleach?
Just for the weirdness and the fact that they chose to use red dye. I honestly had to stop and figure out what the ad was trying to accomplish.