Maybelline Mascara

Yanno, I happen to know that Maybelline sold this cake mascara right up until the 70s or the 80s. The little slidy box was red. I had a discussion with someone in this community earlier about the problem of women using their ~saliva~ with cake mascara, not realizing the infection risk. Maybe that's why it's been discontinued because I think it's actually a fabulous product - you can load that stuff up nice and thick on the brush and look like a harlot, if you wanna.
Feel sorry for Cleopatra, she had only the crudest materials - and about a gazillion dollars, pearls to dissolve in wine and a kick-butt cruise boat...
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Cool, thanks, I had no idea. I'm always jellus that sells all sorts of things but that is so limited.
I know! You can order books and CDs from in Canada, but not other stuff. I'd look for those in little beauty supply stores or eBay, I just gave those links because the descriptions looked good.
Back in the 1970s, my first makeup kit was from Avon and included both cake mascara and cake liner. I moved up to Great Lash pretty quickly, though.

Early tube mascaras had really harsh solvents -- a lot of the ads say things like "won't sting eyes" and "no turpentine smell."
"Elise, have you tried this new mascara? It doesn't cause injury or sight loss, and it doesn't smell like turpentine!"

That stuff seems to be the go-to item when a writer wants to evoke a bygone era. Have your heroine spit on her make up! Bonus points if she shares it with someone else.

about a gazillion dollars, pearls to dissolve in wine and a kick-butt cruise boat... and a really, really fine asp.
Check out Sephora. I think I remember seeing a company with a cake mascara last time I was at the store in Square One.
Oh and btw, I stole my Mom's cake mascara when I first moved away from home because it was the only mascara that didn't make my eyes itch.

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Maybelline sold this cake mascara right up until the 70s or the 80s. The little slidy box was red.

Oh, yes...I remember finding my mom's when I was a kid. I was utterly fascinated by the little tiny toothbrush that came with it.
Somehow I suspect her gazillion dollars were a lot more appealing to her various suitors than those "commanding eyes" the copy is so enthused about.
I've read that she was possibly quite intelligent but that she was most likely not a great beauty.
I've heard that too, but nonetheless, given the political upheaval going on in all sectors at the time, I'm sure any personal compatibility (physical appeal and personality inclusive) between her and her Roman boyfriends was purely secondary to her wealth and political maneuvering in determining her attractiveness.

Icon directed at the sentiment of the ad, not you. ;)
Yeah, you're right, it's like the negotiations to marry off a 40 something Elizabeth I to that young French guy - it had nothing to do with personal preference. It's just funny how, traditionally, historians couldn't conceive of a female ruler like Cleo being in any way successful without assuming that she must have had great sexual allure.

Yul Brenner was soooo attractive in that movie - "so it shall be written, so it shall be done!"
Old as ancient Egypt, new as modern Paris...
...either way, you'll look like Claudette Colbert.
Re: Old as ancient Egypt, new as modern Paris...
Yeah, which is...well...yeah...
I remember that in Ramona and Her Mother Ramona is a sheep in a nativity play and she's bummed because her working mother only had time to make her a sheep headpiece while Howie's at-home mother made him a full sheep suit, so she has to wear old pyjamas for the rest of her costume, and she's hiding out in the bathroom thinking about not going on when she meets two older girls who are playing shepherds or something, and one of them has cake mascara (it's a secret from her mother) and uses it to give her a little black sheep nose and she goes on feeling AWESOME.
It's wonderful what a little make-up can do for a girl's confidence.
Thank you, so much. This just brought back a warm childhood moment. I LOVED the Ramona books. :)
I'm happy that I could do that for you!
Coincidentally, I had a very odd dream last night in which Beezus and Ramona were in 1920s England.
Huh. I have never heard of cake mascara or spitting (ew) in one's makeup. Interesting!

Were you supposed to just drip a tiny bit of water on the cake instead?
Yes, just a bit of tap water and mix until you get the right consistency. It actually could then allow you to control the thickness of your lashes a bit better.
Me neither! The world continues to be full of more icky things than I could dream up on my on.
Maybelline also made a black eyeliner pencil that was very firm. These days, most people use a hair dryer to soften up a stiff pencil. But I remember after gym class, the tough girls would light a match to warm up their pencils before re-applying their scary black eye makeup. This was in the early 1970s.
Cleopatra had kohl, which keeps away insects. I don't know if even Maybelline can claim that!