They managed to make a macaroni dish look like maggots.
"maggots michael, you're eating maggots"

sorry....lost boys...i live in the 80s or 70s most days! :)
This would be edible enough if it hadn't been molded. What's up with that compulsion? It's all over midcentury cooking.
Saves time. You can put a pasta dish in a pan, bake it, and then just unmold, garnish, and go.
And as you unmold it you can try to pretend to yourself that you're not cooking justanothercasserole.
Because this looks fancier, I suppose. Unmolded and all, as if it's a fancy dish that you worked really hard on, rather than a casserole that you took out of the oven and turned out onto a plate. And it's garnished and whatnot. The goal was to save time, but not look like you were saving time.
Minus the molding & the olives, this actually looks edible. (I removed those elements but copied the rest of the recipe. Might actually try it sometime!)
Re: Yes
I love how it specified 10 olives. I guess another olive would have made it the budget-busting price of 14 cents a serving.
I want to live in a world where there is no such thing as pimentos. Seriously.
For the love of the Gods, NO!! Macaroni can pile. It can flow. I can be stunning in the right cheese sauce. It can flirt . It can even date a Canadian and check into a sleazy motel under the name "Kraft Dinner". But under no circumstances should macaroni *EVER* be allowed to.........loaf.
Yeah, if you removed the olives I'd eat this. I'd even eat the eggs (afterwards of course, not with spoonfuls of macaroni). It does look a little weird, though.

As for the brand...I was always more of a Creamette girl. ;)
proof that molding alone is enough to ruin an otherwise ok dish.
If you cooked it in a casserole dish with the cheese on top, this might actually be tasty.