It looks like he closed his eyes too late, where she is poking him appears to already be turning to stone.
Oh, no! The Gay Agenda Fairy has recruited another one to the dark side. So much for Don't Ask, Don't Tell protecting us.

I'm gay, so it's OK. :P

Seriously, though. Those eyes creep me *right* out. I just may have nightmares, tonight.
He's been promoted to corporal (from private) and she's got her finger on his new stripes, of which he is very proud.

*daha*'s not just tobacco in those cigarettes. That's for damn sure!
The guy smokes the cigarettes, but his girlfriend prefers the stuff they make at the trailer park off Route 59. Her name's Elizabeth, but they just call her Crystal Beth now.
Holy shit, for a moment there I thought that was supposed to be a robot. With metal hair and a glowing power source on the top of her head or something. I'm still not convinced I'm wrong...
Jeepers, creepers!
Where'd you get those peepers?
Jeepers, creepers!
Where'd you get those eyes!
Every single time I hear that song, I picture the creature from Jeepers Creepers 1&2 doing the Charleston.
I always think of this one thing from either Sesame Street or 321 Contact in the '80s, with that song playing in a video of animals with huge eyes. I think I remember an owl and a... bush baby? I think that's what they're called.
Holy cow! Apparently the "something new" is speed, angle dust, or whatever it is they use to turn people into zombies. Or a combination of all three.
Although this was several months before Pearl Harbor, it's apparent that everybody knew they were going to be in the war sooner or later.
Could it be that the original ad had her illustrated with her eyes closed and someone drew pupils on her eyelids at a later time?

Either way - that ain't right.
Not unless they added the lashes too. 40s makeup wouldn't have looked that way. I'd expect much thicker, lusher lashes on the cheeks if that were so.