You had me at, "can luncheon meat!" There was no need for the, "greased 3-cup mold ring," LOL
No kidding. I don't think bagels had been invented yet, so they weren't sure what to do with it.
Sort of the least of our worries here, but isn't holly poisonous?

Is it a mercy killing? I choose the holly.
I think it's fake holly. My mom had fake holly garland that I thought was just GORGEOUS when I was a kid.
I have actually kind of missed regularly seeing things here made in a mold, and with pimiento as an ingredient.
Ewww. I am so glad my family won't be having this for Christmas dinner!
I could be OK with the recipe if it specified something like "finely chopped ham"or "smoked salmon" and involved a bagel. Hold the holly.