You are so right about that! Whoever arranged this setting probably never had a bird! I had birds when I was a kid and that crap went EVERYWHERE! There is no way my family would have kept our birds anywhere near a food preparation or eating area. NASTY! :P
Came to post exactly this. "Dear, did you notice you have a birdcage sprouting from your head?"
mrs hesse has no name of her be known as mrs ernest hesse..."the Ernest Hesses" specifically sticks in my caw....and i am unsure where my caw is, but it is rubbing me the wrong way....
It's a craw and it sticks in mine too. The whole family is called Ernest Hesse, it seems. Male arrogance knew no bounds back then.
ah thank male arrogance...mrs. ernest hesse is just there to serve the males.....
I hear you, and sounds very possessive. But there was also a reason for women using their husbands' names, back in the bad old sexist days. Something like "Mrs. Ernest Hesse" was a signal of protection- "there's a man behind me- back off, don't harrass me, don't cheat me. Because you will hear from him." Back when women had little power, and single women even less, going by a husband's name gave a small bit of protection to women. For example, a car dealer would be far less likely to cheat or gouge a married woman on the price, because he knew her husband would hear of it and cause trouble.
I'm not condoning this antique naming convention- it definitely sounds sexist and possessive today- but it came about for a reason, back when it was seriously harsh and unfair for women trying to make their way in the world.
i totally agree with everything in your comment....i wrote papers in college about housewives in the 50s and how they were subjugated to basically 2nd class citizenship in a led the way to the backlash in the 60s with the feminine mystique, etc....

this ad just rubbed me the wrong way and i was already feeling cranky last night!
My husband not only didn't want me to take his last name, but I think he was even more against it than I was, and I'm pretty against it.

Also, when we have gone to weddings in the past, we have always greatly amused ourselves by at the moment the smarmy DJ announces, "And now, for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Lastname!" exclaiming to each other, "Where did she go?! She disappeared! I know there was a separate person around here before the ceremony!"

We are, as you would expect, awful people.

I have been really shocked to see how many of my friends who I thought were feminists decided to take their husband's last name. (Also shocked at how many people have had children, but I always knew I didn't want them, and I guess other people did.)

At *our* wedding, we made it abundantly clear to Mr. Smarmy DJ that he was to announce, "And now, for the first time as husband and wife, Michael and Jocelyn!"
My grandparents (and by association, my parents) despised wall phones (they were near-violently anti tech). I remember my grandmother only getting one of those when she was politically pushed to.
I remember when we got a phone with a cord long enough to reach the dining room table - It was meant to go the other way. Naturally it would ring at dinner time - and my teen brothers and sisters would make a move to dive for it - my father would fist pounding down at the table....yell "no body move! Not at dinner time - No. If Alexander Graham Bell were alive today - I'd punch him in the head!"

For the record - my Father was a loving man - but he just demanded dinner time was family time. I share this - because my mind when through the entire scene - except the stupid bird cage by teh table ruined it.
my son doesnt get away with that. he is allowed ONE leave-of-absence from the table, then i get his phone. he is given the "five minute warning" and he'd BEST tell his buddies....

or i text them. and tell them the weird little pet names i call him by. gee, for some reason this works! ;)

(this is just what i do to my kiddo. your kiddo is your kiddo and you have the right to raise her as you wish. :)
yeah, i'm the mean ol mom. ;) i told him when he pays his own rent on his own place he can do what he wants to.

(of course when he's at his dad's house, different rules. and i'm ok with that, too. *G*)
My parents were the same. And I'm like that now, too. Strangely enough, it's my husband I have to keep from leaping up from the table, not my kids!
Yeah. The phone looks in an inconvenient place, the electrical socket as well. Garish, ugly picture too. And I just noticed how weird the kid's mouth looks.
Are you badmouthing Mrs. Ernest Hesse's famous tuna casserole with birdseed and crap garnish?

a ha ha haaaaa a ha haaaaaaa...

There's so much... can't.... find... words.... a hahahahaaaaaaaa!
Now that I think about it, when we had pet birds their birdcage was in the dining room, too. And this was in the late 80's. In retrospect, it sounds like a very bad idea...
there were two phones at my grandmother's house. one in her bedroom, one in the hall.

the one in the hall had this 300 foot cord that could reach all the way to the barn... nah, it was only 30 feet but it reached most everywhere in the house. and she disconnected the ringer in her bedroom phone.
This kills me. When I was a kid in the late 70s/early 80s, most people I knew only had the one phone. Ours was in the kitchen, and it had the super-long cord so that my mom could do kitchen chores while she chatted with a neighbor or her mother. My grandmother's was in a corner of the dining room--her flat had no centralized hallways--on a telephone table with a built-in chair.
Mrs. Ernest Hesse uses her bedroom telephone to book the engagements with her gentleman callers while Mr. Ernest Hesse is at work.
Gad, I remember Bell telephones! That loud, loud mechanical ring. The handset weighed a ton, the base of table- or desk-top phones weighed three. Wall-mounted phones could be had with an extra-long cord, but you were still tethered to the wall. Bakelite!

And yet, and yet ... this ad is from, what, fifty years ago? And if you can find any of these actual telephones, they still work. That Western Electric hardware worked forever. (It had to. Back then "your" telephone didn't belong to you, but to Ma Bell.)
Re:the bird cage. It's sort of a diaper. It's called a seed catcher and helps keep it a little cleaner, a little more in control. But just a little. I have two finches and even with it, they still fling seeds everywhere!
Cockatiels are beauties! Ungodly messes aside, they are worth it, doncha think? Love my little birds, have to admit. :)
Yes, they sure are. :D I love my Chiffon to death, even with her tossing her seed shells all over the place.