Kind of a hilarious way to sell makeup... since orphans usually don't wear it... ; )
reposts for contests are a-okay!!! :) i'm even reposting ads i posted in our celebs in ads contest from a couple months ago!! thank you for asking though!
Very cute and different, too! But what a weird way to sell cosmetics! Depression-era orphans hardly evoke images of beauty. I do remember those giant Bonne Belle lip glosses. Every girl in my school had one of those.
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One? *locks the drawer of the bedside table* *looks innocent* ;)

I...have a lip balm addiction. And...a real hatred of anything touching my lips. Yeah, I know. I'm a wee bit crazy-making at times, lol.
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Ha ha! I meant to say AT LEAST one! I remember they came with a hanging loop, sort of, and girls would wear them off their belt loops of their jeans.
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*grins* i sent my adult daughter a bunch of lip balms her last birthday. AND probably 10 bottles of nail polish that didnt suit my coloring.

so she calls me... "mama, you are just NOT well in the head." :D
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Oh, I remember those too! I never had one but my friend next-door did.

It is a strange ad though... even though I remember Annie being a Big Deal.
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It was so, so SO trendy though. It was like Glee or something. Annie Annie Annie in every magazine for teens.
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Drove me NUTS. The girls next door were musical theater wannabes and sang that damned song loud and long. AGH.
I know! :-D And the two brunettes she's got her arms around, too.

Honestly, it's one of the easiest costume elements to get right. There's no reason not to.
I'm glad you pointed out the hair cut. I was trying to figure out where the heck Annie was in the picture. I'd never seen that hair before.
Reading the actual text, most of the stuff they're selling is actually to help take off the makeup they use on stage. Soap (oh, excuse me, non-soap), lotion, shampoo, conditioner.
Yes, I wasn't sure how to describe it. I know that "cosmetics" has a connotation of makeup, but some stores near me throw cleansers, etc under the same umbrella.
I think it all falls under "personal hygiene/personal care". At least I've seen drugstores and supermarkets place them in sections named that way.
Right. It does make sense when you read it. I think a more effective image would have been to show the girls backstage using the products but I'm not a marketing expert.
I think it's a cute ad. That said, I'm glad they didn't advise using 10-0-6 Skin Lotion. That stuff was horrible! Burned like a bonfire-- I think the first ingredient was rubbing alcohol, and the second was lye, or something similar. Ouch!
OMG, I started using it on my very clear dry skin because teen magazines had convinced me that as a teenager, I needed it... broke out as a result and yes, did it ever sting. It was like Listerine for your face.