But she's so HAPPY!! With those BIG WHITE TEETH! Actually, yeah, she is creepy.
I love how Noxzema ads regularly show girls in heavy make-up. . .but also advertise as a make-up remover.
My Gods, her teeth are alarming. Maybe I just notice because I just got braces at my advanced stage of life, but...

Nah. They're definitely scary!
These lantern-jawed westerners frighten me. You can see their permanent state of emotional hunger.

...but Noxzema is wonderful when you have sunburn.
"...but Noxzema is wonderful when you have sunburn."

Yup, Noxzema was my Mom's go-to cure for sunburn. That & Bactine.
She looks like she's a little afraid of the camera. Her happiness doesn't show through in her eyes which kinda makes it look like she's caught in headlights.