"Hey, Mom, what's for dinner?"
"Liver loaf, Johnny!...Johnny?...Johnny? Damn, now I'll have to feed it to the dog...Spotty?...Spotty?...Spotty?"
Yeah, "liver loaf" does not sound appetizing at all! "Tongue Loaf" sounds even less appetizing.
They also have Tongue Loaf. I would be more disgusted if I didn't think beef tongue was delicious in gravy. Of course, it probably isn't chopped reconstituted tongue...
I'm a fan of the band Reconstituted Tongue. They are so obscure you've probably never heard of them. [/hipster]
pfft. Vinyl is sooo main stream. 8 track and hand engraved baroque style sheet music is the only way you can really, truly, experience them.

/sorry I work at a college radio station so yeah. this humor is my specialty.
Sorry to thread hi-jack, but if you work at a college radio station I have a question for you... I represent a Japanese band here in the US, and we're trying to get stats on an album that played on college radio. CMJ is not responding at all and generally being useless. Do you have any other advice on getting this data?
yeah they wouldn't. Which Japanese band? I have a show where I only play Japanese music so . . .

Your best bet since you seem to be acting as their promoter is to call up the music directors of each station you think likely to have played this album and ask if they have charts which would have that info, and if not if they could chart it in the future. That seems to be the way things work with my very limited experience with the Music Directors down at KDVS, but we are running at a much higher level than most college stations so . . .
Oh wow, LJ is such a small world. The band was Boom Boom Satellites. Thank you for your advice on that; I will ask their manager what stations played it and go from there.

I tried to download/play the mp3 stream of your last broadcast but I just ended up with a sports broadcast.

By the way, on top of assisting bands I generally specialize in all things by Japanese artists. Could I be of any use to you with playlist-building?
oh Boom Boom Satellites, ok. I've been doing the show for like . . .4-5 years so yeaaaaaaah I've got enough to draw from on that end. . .this week was our fundraiser week so the archive is prolly a little messed up, try maybe after next Wednesday for an actual music show (I'm playing downtempo this week)

one thing you could maybe? help out with is currently KDVS doesn't really get any Japanese artists' releases sent to them right now, even people who have been re-released on western labels, so if you know of anybody I could contact so we could get promotional releases (even digipacks/digitaldownload) that would be great. . I've been meaning to contact some Japanese labels myself eventually but I'm a full time PhD student AND the fundraiser coordinator, and no one else at the station is fluent enough in Japanese for me to recruit other people blah blah blah excuses hahaha
Are you looking for just music released domestically by Japanese artists or any music released by Japanese artists? I could make you a list of labels and contact info. I know someone who knows someone at Sony, so I could ask there. E-mail me at theojmr at gmail dot com if you can.
i was going to pout because the image wont work for me, but then it was liver.

we had to have liver at least once a week because my mama was/is anemic. so, liver. fried, served with rice and gravy and some vegetable. if we were lucky, it was corn, if we were TERRIBLY unlucky, it was greens. overboiled canned greens.

i VOWED that once i left the house, i would never let liver pass my lips again. and it has NOT. no liver, no ever. she tried to trick me and served it when i was there...i made my son try a bite because he had never had it before (he was 15) but i wouldnt eat it. she says i'm stubborn. (she's right. LOL)
Liver, liver loaf, tongue, headcheese, suelze (there are folk who will insist suelze and headcheese are not the same), blood sausage, blood cake, blood pudding... someone's invented a way to eat it and like it. But not me!
I know...but if we lived 200 years ago with no source of food during the winter months we'd be making and eating ALL those foods. And, oddly, people who are brought up on those foods actually develop a taste and craving for them. I remember my grandmother loved pickled pigs feet. Eeew.
I live in a country with a free school meals, and I still have cravings for blood pancakes and rice-liver casserole :)
Hmmmmm... well I like an occasional liverwurst sandwich, but not too sure about the Loaf of Liver.
This sounds like a canned version of livermush, which is pretty much what you think it is. I never heard of it before moving to the Carolinas, but it's definitely a thing here. I tried it once and it was everything I expected--and feared. :P