You're probably thinking of a "fragrant" onion, your everyday yellow.

This is a fragrant™ onion, whose glassy surface indicates a tight, crystalline cell structure.

This. I have a cousin who will eat onions like apples, but I have been known to refuse to eat anything else if I have tasted even one nibble of raw onion in food. It makes me ill.

That onion slice DOES look as though it was sprayed or brushed with oil to look more appetizing, though.
Yes, I can eat cooked onions just fine. Onions in veggie soup, or on roast beef, or the onions on the green bean casserole, all of those are great. Even the dried minced onions put in cooked food (like the onion soup mix in meatloaf) are fine. It's just the raw ones that make my digestive system so unhappy.
I also like this ad-- another case of old ads being so much cooler than new ones. Pep-O-Mint Lifesavers are still my fave!
I'm so terribly mature, but I could not stop laughing when I got to "the candy with a hole" lol