Man Writing Slash (write_light) wrote in vintage_ads,

Second Homes for Leisure Living, Douglas Fir Plywood Association

Various forms, including complete PDF, are available HERE at

Not an official contest entry, but a wonderful 36-page gloriously colored booklet full of classic 60's illustrations of mid-century vacation homes.   The Douglas Fir Plywood Association offers a wide range of different build-yourself homes.  

I'm torn between the "Convertible" Second House with its ever-present quotations of doubt, the Shoreside Homarina and Dock (Home+Marina, get it?), the Three-Stage Beach Cabin, and the Versatile Shorthill, pictured below.  (full size 1864x1181).

Dig the happening interior, and the guy with the pipe.  "Mighty pleasant on warm summer evenings," I can hear him say with the pipe clenched in his teeth.   Plywood!
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