Man Writing Slash (write_light) wrote in vintage_ads,

Contest Entry: FLORIDA! It never ends!

State of Florida, 1949

"Where sunshine and relaxation are yours to enjoy on any normal budget." ???


A Florida Vacation Never Ends:  It NEVER EVER ENDS. 

* the snide italics: "enjoying all of the other summer sports and recreation that crowd Florida's winter calendar"
* the firepit in a park?
* "gay, fantastic nights"
* happy, pre-skin-cancer, redheaded (stepchildren?) of a deep brunette and a bottle blonde.
* "right now, you're probably enjoying winter-grown Florida celery..."   XP
* and you'll go home "feeling like a sun-tanned million dollars"!

And you will RELIVE, OVER AND OVER, the pleasure-filled hours of your Florida holiday.  You will REALIZE, TIME AND AGAIN, that your Florida vacation has been good for you.

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