Man Meat (NOT an entry) ;)

Nothing says sexy like a guy in a light blue jumpsuit, thick beard, and aviator shades. Oh, 1970s, never change.  But I'll let the copy speak for itself.

The Big Zip, from Jumpsuits, Ltd., Dallas, Texas

I kind of think this is NSFW.

Because one is enough, when it's you.  Show where you're headed in the ultimate fashion climax.

Fits so tight it shows all you've got . . .you're a walking turn-on.  And treats your body as well as she does.

Easy on, easy off, quick as a flick of her tongue.  Sexy cool crinkly cloth for those hot nights to come.  Designed with your desires in mind . . . she'll eat you alive in it.

The Big Zip in 50% polyester/50% cotton.  Long-sleeved in rust, blue or black.  Short-sleeved in natural, blue, or camel. 

Are you man enough to fill it?

WHEW! *lights a cigarette*  Thing is, I can't tell if *he's* man enough.  Is that him, or a fold in the cloth?  My eyes can't decide.  Maybe I should ask her.  

These kind of outfits were weirdly popular with rock musicians. I've seen pictures of Kenny Loggins and Michael Anthony (from Van Halen) wearing these sorts of things. So very, very strange.
And what about the ones I always see on TV with the "male" symbol as a zipper-puller? Did those really exist?

After reading this... yes, I think they did!
I adore one piece jumpsuits for the look and feel just for myself. I got a RED one :-)
Note how far down the zipper goes. Not quite far enough, but if your dick is big enough, you'll be able to get it out, no problem.
it's probably similar to how women use the toilet with jumpers or bodysuits (before they started putting snaps on).

nothing like having to completely disrobe at 8 years old because you have the cutest new outfit, but the only way to use the toilet is to take it off completely! (it was 1992 and I wore that thing exactly twice before chucking it to the give-away bin)
From the neck up, that looks exactly like my father did in the 70s. However, as far as I know, he never owned a jumpsuit. If he ever did, it's a fact he has kept a secret from my mother. She would have told me about it, same as she told me about his other dubious fashion choices of that era. XDD
"shows all you got" -- am I the only one who looked but couldn't find?
There's that kinda wrinkle on one side, but, yeah, that don't mean he dresses left. If that is supposed to be showing all he's got, then he's built kinda weird and really shouldn't be showin it.
I was in my teens-early twenties in this era and I can safely say that my friends and I always laughed our asses off when we saw guys in this sort of get-up (they frequented discos while my friends and I went to them infrequently, preferring clubs that featured more rock-oriented fare). These were the guys who would invariably asked you what sign you were.

The awful beard-hairstyle complete the horror, I think.
A drama counselor at camp always wore those...even HE looked better than this dude.

As for the copy...I intend to block it out of my mind as soon as humanly possible.
I *think* the crotch has a gusset sewn into it! For ease of movement, of course.
This entire ad-- model, copy, jumpsuit-- makes me feel sick to my stomach. The guy is such an epitome of what was sexy in the 1970's and SO not my type; the jumpsuit is so incredibly sleazy and gross and cheap (look at that zipper!); the copy is like the dorky person who takes himself so seriously, he has no idea that people are making fun of him.

This ad is everything that's wrong with the 1970's rolled into one. Ick.
One easy piece of what?

He's so manly that he's not afraid to get splinters from his unsanded wooden stripper pole!

Oh, I'm sure women were dying to get men unzipped and out of those things as in, "No, honey, it doesn't turn me on AT ALL! Please take it off and put on something less hideous. When you get back, we can talk about that Trans Am we are not going to buy."

Am I the only one thinking this guy was the evil version of Michael McDonald? "Just one minute of reeeeal loooove..."
Eh, I don't think he's objectified here, to respectfully disagree. He's completely covered for one thing. This is an ad in some porny mag, the audience is other men interested in getting some at the disco. It's trying to convince them they will look boss, macho, hip and irresistible to women if they send away money for that ridiculous jumpsuit. It's supposed to be a mirror to the male reader I think, hey, you can be this macho stud here and score with the ladies.

I mean, doesn't the guy look like a macho jerk? Hand on hip, the boss, gold rings and watch, stern expression on the stripper pole. This could be you! the ad is saying. Ha, no thanks. Macho men in 70's ads can def be sexy, this guy so isn't.
In the 70s, everything was sexualized. Well, more blatent back then. The model looks a little pissed. I think that zipper is pulling on all his body hair.

This was before men waxed themselves.