I am not sure that mouth has sex appeal.
That mouth looks like it is going to bite my dick off.

I guess some people are into that...
Hmm, I'm concerned about the side effects! With new improved jaw-dislocating ultra-brite she sure can 'open wide' but it seems she is now unable to close her mouth ever again... :-\
Since she's a cheerleader, that's actually a benefit. She has the whole team to service, you know. Except for the kicker. There's something "funny" about him.
The larger pic on the right would indicate that Ultra Brite is a quality Joker Brand product.
So sexy even the toothpaste is turned on. Why didn't they go all out and show some white stuff squirting out the tip?

I guess "extra-strength" means it removes semen residue more effectively than their regular brand.
"How The Cheerleader Bedded The Quarterback."*

* then forced a shotgun marriage after becoming pregnant by him