Gosh, I bet every woman would just love nothing better than to please this guy. Or any guy. Yeah.
I love the seductive pose he's in, and yeah, I'd probably try the product, but not because of him. I just like tinted glosses.
Well I happen to like my lips in subtle, neutral colors, a bit on the dry side, and matte.

gee the way the model is holding the lipstick to her lips is NOT suggestive in the slightest is it? LOL
when a man dreams of lips, they're probably not the ones you put lipstick on.


sorry... it was the first thing my en-guttered mind thought of, especially when they started applying adjectives like "moist" and "shiny".
There's no innuendo in that ad at all. Not even one stiff, bulbous tip of lipstick touching those brightly colored, glossy, moist lips. Nope. Nothing to see here.
That man would not be getting near my lips, or any other part of me. Ew!
Now THAT, is some serious 'stache going on! Gotta love the Quiana shirt unbuttoned at the top, sporting the chest hair, and a few gold chains no doubt.
The guy looks like my dad circa early 1980's, so seeing that and reading the ad copy...*shudder* I feel scuzzy.
The last thing I needed was a Gene Shalit lookalike leering in a lipstick ad! I'm skeered!
I thought this was an ad for boots, as in footwear. I saw the dude's boots in the foreground and "BootsNo7" at the bottom. I thought, wow, what a weird ad.

I give this one bonus internets for shag carpeting.