Oh man, I love Privat-Livemont's ads! I have his absinthe one as a poster. His steam lines are awesome.
Yeeessss, I love art nouveau, too, and these are lovely!
I've never seen any of those before! Beautiful, thank you.
They're gorgeous. I wouldn't mind having a largeish version of any one framed and hung on a wall.
J'adore l'art nouveau! I just bought an iPhone case customized with an Alphonse Mucha Campenois ad poster on it. C'est tres belle.
I used to have that first one hanging in my first apartment <3
Only the lamp lady looks happy. The rest look like they're pouring out a cup of poison. Incredibly beautiful ads, though!
Yes, it truly is. I so wish we did ads in exactly that style today. Or containing more art in general. Art rather than photoshop.
Yes! I would love to see more original art rather than Photoshop. Photoshop has its uses, but everything is so electronic. It's nice to be a little old-fashioned sometimes. :)