"Two girls I know want to meet you in the worst way". lol I'm so using that as a pick up line.
I had to laugh at the one "your wife may never know it" Well, she will when she has to go to the OBGYN because of your diseased penis infecting her! Unless he has stopped sleeping with his wife because he is now having an affair with the beautiful personification of America XD
or like my uncle, who infected his wife, HE got antibiotics, stopped sleeping with her, and she ended up in the hospital with a raging infection.

nice guy. needs to rot in hell. (they divorced, both have since passed on.)
What an asshole. Women back then were pretty much uniformly blamed for their infections, even when their husbands were the ones who infected them without their knowing. I don't blame her for divorcing him!
That was just the straw that broke the camel's back, honestly. But she died almost 30 years ago, so it's long past hurting over.

Her memory gave me the strength to tell my first husband to go hang (that's the polite version) so for me, her memory is a true blessing. :)
Doctors were complicit in this, too. They would tell the woman she had a bladder infection or something or she wasn't putting enough Lysol in her douche, but they wouldn't tell her what she really had or how she got it. Doing so would prove that their husbands were unfaithful and the women could sue for divorce and society would blame the doctor for breaking up the marriage.
VD, as it was known, was also a major cause of infertility.
Him, on being informed that his fly is down: "did you see the tall soldier standing at attention?"

Her, not interested: "no, but I saw the disabled veteran sitting on his duffle bag." ;)

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Ooh I love the ones like that, where they're completely drawn by hand.

Like the men were so innocent and pure, of body and mind!
Really they should just read the writing on those ladies' skirts before determining whether a pickup is a good idea.
Reminds me of the old joke, "So this guy told me he wanted to make love to me in the worst way. Then... he did!"

Mary MMM
Yes, and this is why Marie Stopes managed to get them all given condoms in WWI. So they didn't come home with infections to pass on to wives and kids.

Use a Johnny, Johnny!
"The Young, The Brave, The Strong"... written on his crotch!