Man Writing Slash (write_light) wrote in vintage_ads,

Libbyland Dinners

Libbyland TV Dinners, 1973

I didn't remember these, but I remember elements of the commercial. The more I look, the more I think I ate these.

Sea Diver's Dinner, Safari Supper, Sundown Supper, Pirate Picnic, and Gold Strike Supper!  This one had Fish Sticks AND Mac & Ham & Cheese, AND corn in butter sauce AND French Fries AND Chocolate Pudding AND Chocolate Milk. :D  Kids Fun Dinner indeed. And you cook the chocolate pudding??


Four more 

Pictures from flickr's Grickily (Dan Goodsell)

The trays were embossed as well and the box converted into a backdrop/story scene.
Tags: 1970s, 1973, libby's, tv dinners
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