Put on your blinders for those cabinets.

Little Susie sneaking a treat to the dog! I see you.

I've always wished you could really just put your food in there all ready to serve, not wrapped up or anything.

It's a small dream, really.
The cabinets are so busy I get tired just looking at them.

I too would like the housewife's dream of pulling ready-made turkey dinners and seven-layer chocolate cakes right out of my refrigerator!
So much like my first thought of this ad! In old movies and ads, the fridge's always have wonderful foods all ready to eat...esp. a chicken or turkey and a jello salad or cake!
I love this ad so much. I have a weakness for cheesy Pennsylvania Dutch and I'm not ashamed.

And I love her cookbooks on the top of the fridge with the old irons and bookends. And the plaid book looks just like one I have.
That was my first thought - Pennsylvania Dutch on speed! My grandmother would have swooned! (I think we had those plates on the wall, and I still have that same cookbook!) All that's missing is the scalloped edging on the overhang above the fridge.....
On of my exes is Swedish, and she would have KILLED for this kitchen - and told me endless stories about her mother's home made lingonberry jam.
I kind of like it - maybe if it was taken down a notch.

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I would not decorate my kitchen like this, but if I bought a home decorated like this, I would not change it. I think the whole house would have to match, too. You couldn't walk out of that kitchen into a modern living room without feeling disoriented.
I like the little side trays on the left where they're going to eat their soft boiled eggs. That ham better be covered or everything in that fridge is going to taste like it.
Wow, I think that design is way too much for me. My Grandma always calls her refrigerator "the Frigidaire."
Mom better watch out. The way the artist painted it, all that food is about to slide down those shelves onto the floor.