I remember these! A friend and I both used the "vampire" kit, most likely that exact year... The bowtie was made of cardboard, and may very well have been a cutout from the box itself.

Pretty cheesy, but it seemed exciting at the time. I have long been a Dracula fan..
I recognize the clown box, but it took me a minute to figure out why. First I thought I might have seen the ad in a magazine - I would have been eleven that Halloween. But I was a Cyndi-Lauper-inspired rock star that year, I'm pretty sure, and Pippi Longstocking the year before that. However, I think these kits were out for a few years, and I'm pretty sure that my brother wore the red-and-white clown outfit my mom sewed for me when I was five when *he* was five, which would have been in 1984. And I'm sure the kit hung around under the bathroom counter for a few years after that, which is why it looks so familiar. And yes, lance_prevert, you're right - the bow tie and "Smile!" card punched out of the box, just as the openings to set the eggs in pop out of the back of the Easter egg dye kit boxes.
I was thinking the same thing about how that's pretty typical for PAAS packaging to also be used as part of the kit. I'm sure it was to save money, but now they could tout the eco-friendliness of making the packaging do double duty.
i suppose it would be in poor taste to say PAAS make up kits were for 'egg heads'??

corny jokes aside, i don't remember these either.....
I don't remember the face paint either, just the egg decorating. But I would take that argyle sweater.
1986? Has it really been that long? Ok. I'm offically the world's worst packrat. I actually found one of those kits in the closet during a cleanout back this summer. I had no idea it was THAT old!
Is it made of the same stuff as the easter egg dye? Because that stuff will stain your table... learned that the hard way.
That stuff stains your fingers pretty good, too! Your fingers usually stay purple at least a day. If this stuff is the same, there were a lot of kids showing up to class on Nov. 1 with eerie traces on clown on their faces!