So odd. I always thought Harvest House in Buffalo was a Christian half-way house for drug addicts? Did they get their start with this contraption? Or did they get into charity after all the damage these harnesses did to a generation of children?
Maybe the residents made these and they sold them to raise money for the organization or to give the residents job skills and something to do instead of thinking how much they want to use drugs.
This was an improvement on nothing at all. At least the kid wouldn't be thrown from the vehicle or go hurtling through the air at 70 mph. But then, the ad mentions car seats, which, even by the standards of the day, had to be better than this.
This would be in the early sixties. My younger brother, born in 1963, had one of like it and loved it! The one he had was a harness that went over the arms and legs as well as the middle. I'd say it was definitely safer than the car seat he also had, which was just like Maggie's in the opening of the Simpsons; a plastic bucket with a steering wheel and horn. The best thing about that car seat was when my mother was test driving the car we were to have in India. The steering wheel in that car was on the other side. One time she got pulled over because the cop thought the baby was driving!

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that item probably never held a chld for longer than 2 minutes. My kid would have been out of it by the time the door was shut. lol
This is kind of gruesome. If you stopped suddenly, wouldn't the kid be almost cut in half?

Unless, like someone said, they got out of it right smart!
If this was the photo they chose to use in the ad, imagine the outtakes...
I was worried, then I saw it was made of *BLUE* webbing and all my fears went away. Besides, that kid looks thrilled.
I don't think I want to see "dog leash catch" in a child's safety device. This doesn't even look safe at all!
A perfect baby present? I'm sure that baby thinks it's far less than perfect.
"Replaces those cumbersome car seats!"

When I was a kid, I could get out of one of those 5 point harness things in about two seconds flat. Drove my mom nuts!
The baby brother of a girl in my first grade class rode in one of these. As compared to my own kid brother, who was allowed to fly free. (Literally: when Kid Bro was in his second year, Mom drove a Volkswagen bus with a pop-top. She'd look in the rear view mirror and see Kid Bro swinging merrily from the grab-handles.)