Does not compute. If you're putting it in a home, then... just put an actual toilet in?
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well that says it's for restrooms, but then it offers a "pedastal" and "tank" model, which they refuse to call a toilet.
Oh, lord! I remember these! There was a period when you were finding these in a lot of roadside rest areas and I hated them. I was never sure what you were supposed to do. Let's face it, even wearing skirts they were almost impossible to use without completely removing your underwear, or sitting directly on the urinal. And as a rather short child, they were always scary high. You can manage to sit on a normal toilet even if your feet barely hit the ground (or even dangle a bit), but if you are supposed to stand over it, the height of crotch level becomes an important matter.

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That's part of what I was never sure of, but I believe that you were supposed to face the wall and straddle the narrow part. Women not having the anatomy for good aim, I believe the bowl shaped area was intended to allow maximum containment. But as I said, no-one seemed to know for sure. There were never instructions of any kind that I was aware of, nor have I seen anyone post any they have found. And you know that is exactly the kind of weird stuff that would get posted.
oh, so they're basically like squat toilets you could sit on in an emergency. . .but you can't squat all the way down in a fixed balanced position. . .worst of both!
OMG, these were awful, more formidable than having to pee in the woods. Happy to say that I haven't seen one in years.
So, you'd have to totally take off your pants? What a waste of time!! Plus, I bet there would be splashing!
Oh hey my old house had one of those tiny bathtubs. It was completely useless for anything besides giving the dog a bath.
The idea was if you were wearing a tight girdle (and there was no other kind) and many women didn't wear panties, you could pee standing up without having to take the girdle off.

I echo the scary to a small child.
This is one of several sites where women can learn to pee standing. The original one, "A Woman's Guide on How to Pee Standing" has been mirrored so many times that it's just about disappeared. The message, however, is that most women are able to pee standing up, so there are still several websites that will teach it, and still others that hawk assistive devices like the "PeeZee," TravelMate, and others.

My point is that women have always been trying to learn to urinate while standing; in some cases, like if you're working in the fields on a farm, it's a huge advantage to be able to slip behind some bushes and let it out.
There was a another product out there called a Whizzy. I will never forget sitting in a Dr.'s office and watching Meridith Vieira telling the audience she never goes anywhere without her Whizzy.
One of the benefits of being a woman is getting to pee sitting down! Some days it's about the only time I get to sit down! Can I get a witness?
I wonder what publication this is from? Something in the hospitality industry, I suspect: those women's urinals only ever showed up in public washrooms (and not many there), and that "Remotaire Room Conditioner" looks very like the thunderously loud item that cooled the last hotel room I occupied.
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Hello Cactuswren,
Sorry for the lack of a citation. When I originally posted this earlier this year It had one.

It was published in the January 1953 issue of Architectural Forum. Which at that time was one of the top architectural magazines in the country.

Again sorry for the lack of a citation.